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Fill Your Bathroom With Flash

Whoever told you that your bathroom needed to be boring was a liar. There is no reason that you can't fill your bathroom with the same stylistic art that you have in your living room. Rip your plain old shower curtain right off the rod and head over to INKEDSHOP.COM to pick up todays InkedShop Product of the Day, the "Tattooed Hearts" Shower Curtain by Sourpuss Clothing.

Give your bathroom some panache by filling it with awesome American Traditional tattoo art. The "Tattooed Hearts" Shower Curtain is covered with some of the most romantic designs common in the early days of tattooing. It's like having a wall of tattoo flash right there in your home.

Once you step out of the shower you're going to need to dry off, right? Well, we've got an assortment of towels available at the InkedShop for your enjoyment. In a party mood? Check out the Tiki Party Towel by Sourpuss Clothing. Are you a salty seadog who calls their bathroom "the head" even when you are on dry land? You'll love the "Anchors Aweigh" Towel by Sourpuss Clothing. Without getting into too much detail we all know that from time-to-time it is helpful to have a candle in the bathroom. We think that the badass "Pyropet" Cat Candle is the perfect one for this situation.

Say goodbye to your boring bathroom and fill it with the edgy culture that you love. Go to INKEDSHOP.COM to pick up the "Tattooed Hearts" Shower Curtain by Sourpuss Clothing and a bunch of other awesome items.

tattooed hearts shower curtain sourpuss clothing

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Tattooed Hearts" Shower Curtain by Sourpuss Clothing