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The Final Countdown

Today's skull of the day is this incredible black and grey piece by Miguel Bohigues. The skull is a timeless image that has been around since the birth of man, thus naturally pairing a skull with a clock feels more hauntingly reminiscent of the idea of "memento mori" reminding everyone that we do all eventually die. As morbid as that may seem, it makes for one hell of a tattoo.

Bohigues is a highly skilled black and grey artist who specializes in realism with a hint of fantasy and surrealist elements typically added to his work. Based in Spain, which is already a hub for innovative black and grey tattooing, Bohigues' style emulates the core elements of making a solid surrealist tattoo in a realism style. For one, we love the creative eye that allowed this tattoo to be designed in a profile view rather than straight on. This angle helps make the iconic skull and cross bones image that is being depicted more artistic than the stereotypical cliche that usually comes with the symbol.

Apart from the surrealist combination of the skull and cross bones with the clock, this piece also includes lettering made to look like script in the background. Along with the old timey feel of the clock, the lettering in the background seems reminiscent of an older generation of writing, perhaps something of the mid-1800s, thus adding a very old school feel to this tattoo over all.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Sugar Skull" Stainless Steel Tea Spoon