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Finally, A Calendar Celebrating the Hirsute Man

When most people see back hair they see an unwanted blemish on their body; when Tyler Harding looks at his friend Mike Wolfe's back he sees an empty canvas begging to be worked with. Since 2008 Harding and Wolfe have been getting together to create elaborate, and hilarious, designs in a medium that few artists would ever consider, according to the Associated Press.

What better way to show off their creations than to make a calendar featuring 12 over-the-top designs, each with a more ridiculous pun laden title than the next. The world's first CalendHAIR is available for purchase at this link. Not only is it sure to keep you laughing all year long, but a portion of the proceeds will also be used to help the Gates of Hope Foundation. The gallery below will surely keep you in stitches.