We Have Finally Found Nirvana


Centuries before Kurt Cobain and friends took the world by storm with their frenetic performances Nirvana was nothing more than a blissful state of mind. When we gazed through the picture galleries of today's Inked Girl of the Day, Nirvana Spivey, we couldn't help but experiencing a warm feeling of bliss wash over us as we took in her beauty.

This Nirvana comes from Tucson, Arizona—you would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world more different than the dreary Seattle that spawned the band. But enough about them, let's talk about Ms. Spivey. Nirvana considers herself to be an "insanely crazy fun girl" and we had to agree once we heard about where many of her tattoos come from.

"I let people tattoo me that need practice but hey, they're my friends," Nirvana explains. "My favorite tattoo is the one on my back that says 'We are all mad here.' My friend tried to do it messed up. I had to have my other friend fix it."

It's amazing that given her willingness to be used as a tattoo sketch pad that Nirvana's tattoos all look pretty good. Of course, no one is born a Nikko Hurtado and we're guessing that her friends were grateful for the opportunity to practice on her. Therefore, once they are good enough to fix the mistakes they made early on they would gladly return the favor to Nirvana.

You can put your mind at ease as you flip through many more photos of the delightful Nirvana at her Inked Girls profiles here and here. Click here to go and see hundreds more beautiful tattooed women on our Inked Girls pages.

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