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It's a Fine Line Between Good and Evil

For many of us life is simply a struggle to walk the line between good and evil but few people make that struggle look nearly as fun as Haylie Lelliott, today's Inked Girl of the Day. The Australian beauty describes her personality as a mixture of those two elements but given her sunny disposition and the meaning behind some of her ink it's hard to imagine Haylie crossing over to the evil side that often.

"My favorite tattoo would have to be my sleeve," Haylie explains. "It's made up of all the little things that mean the most to me. It started with my little brother's name on my wrist on the 10 year anniversary of his bone marrow transplant."

"He had leukemia at the age of three," Haylie continues. "It was a miracle to reach the 10 year mark and he is stronger than ever to this very day."

As we looked through the many sexy pictures on her Inked Girls profile we were impressed by the sleeve before we heard the story behind it. Now that we know that it holds so many personal meanings to her we have to say that Haylie has a fantastic sleeve. While the artistry that makes up a tattoo is still very damn important, it is those tattoos that have emotional attachments that end up being the best.

While Haylie may mix up good and evil in her life we can only see the good side while we flip through her photos. Well, I guess the sexiness of the photos might make them a little bit bad, right? Nonetheless, check out here profile here.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: SA "Tattoo Badge" Deep V Neck by Sullen Clothing