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First Look at The Terrifying Pennywise from the 'It' Remake

Clowns are terrifying. This is almost an indisputable fact. They were scary enough before horror legend Stephen King penned 1986's It introduced us to the psychotic Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and he has been making us collectively shit our pants every time we've seen a clown ever since.

There is a remake of It set to hit theaters next year and horror fans have been abuzz wondering if Bill Skarsgard could fill Tim Curry's enormous clown shoes and make us whither in terror when he first appeared on screen. The answer to that question has been answered and it is a resounding yes. Entertainment Weekly gave us our first glimpse of Pennywise and he definitely lives up to the hype. Are you ready? Here he is...


We can't quite pinpoint what makes Pennywise so horrifying to look at. Is it the seemingly benign make up? The look of menace in the eyes? The mischievous grin that hints at something darker? It's probably all of these attributes plus the knowledge that there is probably a mouthful of disgustingly discolored and pointed teeth laying behind that red lipliner.

Pennywise scares the hell out of us, but we have to admit that he makes a pretty amazing subject for a tattoo. Don't believe us? Check out this gallery of amazing tattoo tributes to the murderous star of It. It should hold you over until we finally get to see Pennywise in action next September.