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The Flower That Refuses to Wilt

Every man in the world wishes that there was some sort of magical flower that never wilts. This way they wouldn't have to drop a bundle buying flowers for their special lady every holiday, anniversary, birthday, or time they fucked up. Instead they could just point to the amazing miracle flower that never wilts. It turns out that such a thing really does exist... flower tattoos!

Even in the frigid depths of winter flower tattoos, like the amazing Phil Garcia piece above, will always be in bloom. They are also the perfect blend of femininity and edge considering that they are still tattoos. In this list of flower tattoos you will see everything from daisies to roses to lilies to cherry blossoms. Whether a flower is a perennial or an annual they will always beautiful once they are in ink.

The most tattooed flower, by far, is the rose. There is something about the way the petals on a rose are shaped that makes for an impressive tattoo. In the tattoo above, we were especially awed by the way that Garcia was able to capture the water droplets on the petals. Honestly, we can almost smell the flower through the computer screen.

Some of the tattoos featured in this impressive list are so realistic that they were able to fool butterflies into thinking that they were real! Poor butterfly, he only wanted a meal.

So, check out this amazing list of flower tattoos. It's like visiting the local botanical garden without having to leave your couch.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Skull Rose" High Collar Dress by Jawbreaker

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Skull Rose" High Collar Dress by Jawbreaker