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Flowers for Alderaan


Do You Think Scars Are Sexy?

"I buy sex toys at the hardware store," says Alderaan Suicide. She's one of the most-modified models we've come across in a while and from what you read in that quote, she's certainly hardcore. Her look is helped by piercings, a split tongue, tattoos and some really interesting scarification pieces. Alderaan has a beautiful snowflake scar on her side and has recently given her sexy sides some "gills." While we begrudgingly are aware that mermaids are not real, there is just something about a girl who has given her body gill-like markings to be utterly mesmerizing. Without further discourse, check out Alderaan Suicide, the girl with gills, who claims, "In real life I'm not that dark, I'm just an introvert and shy owl from outer space looking for love in Alderaan places."


Sparkle On, Sister

Alderaan is one special beauty. Confetti should be thrown wherever she walks!

Did We Mention...

That Alderaan Suicide also has a split tongue?

In Her Bedroom

She equates her bedroom to Thunderdome. Two people enter....

Flesh Wound

A GIF of her chest right after being expertly carved.