Freckle Faced Model Turns 'Flaws' into Followers


Meet the Exotic and Enticing Polly Ellens

Although they may not face systemic oppression or profiling, redheads certainly experience plenty of scrutiny for their unique genetic makeup. Throughout history, redheads have been the butt of the joke within popular culture and folklore—with clichés such as 'gingers don't have souls' impacting individuals for generations. However, it appears that our societies' tolerance for redheads is finally starting to turn around. In fact, one model by the name of Polly Ellens is on a mission to prove to the world that her body (and all of its flaws) is beautiful. However, based on the incredible photographs displayed on her social media, one doesn't need to look too hard in order to appreciate the unique allure of Ellens. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about the budding social sensation and let us know what you think about embracing diversity in the modeling world in the comment section below.