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Fresh Paint with Pop Surrealist Richard J. Oliver

The modern tattoo industry is filled to the brim with incredible artists from all over the world ranging in a variety of styles that seem to almost transcend what can be done on skin. Though this industry is typically dominated by artists known for their work with flesh, there are several more traditional artists in the scene who are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with oil on canvas. In this latest episode of Fresh Paint, Sullen TV takes another inside look at an oil painter who is really breaking out in the alternative art world. Meet Richard J. Oliver, the pop surrealist whose signature style has graced galleries across the world, including Paul Booth's Last Rites Dark Art Gallery. This video will give you an exclusive look at the art studio the Welsh artist built himself as he creates his latest piece. With a focus on finding the more natural beauty within surrealism, Oliver also gives viewers a history of where his major influences and artistic background come from. You'll even get a glance at Oliver back in his musician days when he was touring the world in a band instead of with a brush. This is a great way to see how the art industries cross over multi-media platforms, so make sure to check it out right here:

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