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Freshly Inked Preview With Carlos Torres


The new issue of Freshly Inked is about to hit the newsstands and you will not believe what we've got in store for you. Every page is chock full of amazing artistry and interviews with the tattooers who make it all possible. It all starts with our cover artist, Carlos Torres. The master black and grey aficionado talks to us about how the fine arts have helped honed his painterly style of tattooing, the way that owning a shop has changed his career and the pros and cons about coming up as a self taught artist.

Torres is but one of the many artists that you will come to know in this issue of Freshly. We check in with Maxime Buchi and marvel at how he is creating masterpieces with nothing more than black ink, some fine lines and a hell of an eye for placement. Vic Vivid talks to us about how he made his way from a degree in automotive design to tattooing gorgeous color realism pieces. Anrijs Straume explains to us his method for creating the genre he calls Dark Trash Realism—a combination of the surreal, black and grey realism and flourishes of blood or lettering. And we're just warming up from here.

Click through the gallery below to get a glimpse of some of the outrageous tattoos that you will find in this month's Freshly Inked. Then run to your newsstand to pick up a copy. Or, better yet, stay in the comfort of your home and download a digital copy or order a subscription for home delivery. But here's a little taste to tide you over for now.