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From 66 Pounds to Beating Anorexia And MMA Opponents


Fee Chrystall Already Won Her Hardest Fight

Fee Chrystall was 66 pounds, anorexia had ravaged her health—both mentally and physically, but then she fought back."I put the emphasis now on being strong and fit and healthy, rather than looking like a skeleton," she told Scott Harris of Bleacher Report. "I still have these thoughts, but in a place where I can logically battle them."

Fee, now an amateur MMA warrior still finds it difficult to "make weight," though she is often under, and fights at the 105 and 115 level, posted a transformation photo with this message:

"Things I wish I'd known about recovery: There is no such thing as a lost cause. Right be kind! I've never shown anyone the photo on the [next page] apart from my family and close friends. And I know it is not pretty but be kind and bear with me! At 18 me and my wee maw were told I was a lost cause, I'd had it so long and was so far gone that I would probably always be a chronic anorexic. At the time I was happy as anything, I had no desire to get better. But I know girls that have been told the same who are trying their best. At no point does recovery become unachievable. It is possible and it is wonderful. Keep fighting little warriors."

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Fee Chrystall fights Eivor Hovde Hoff at 115 pounds.