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From Bangers to Body Suits! How Much is Your Tattooed Skin Worth?

Living, Breathing Artwork!

You are a living, breathing canvas of great tattoo artwork. And there is no denying that your tattooed skin inch-for-inch is worth more on the “skin-art-market”, than pristine non tattooed dermis. I don’t know one tattoo collector that has ever gotten ink to increase the value of their skin. However, if there were some bizarre, objective, third party art appraisal-insurance company that was brought in to access the value of a person's skin based on the time and money they have put in and put out to achieve their “look”, we could get to the bottom of this burning question.

Well, there isn't, however the owner and staff at Inkology in NYC were kind enough to break it down and put the question of "How much is my skin worth?" in some kind of perspective.

Photo via Viktor

Now before you jump all over us and Inkology, we know that your skin and the work on it is priceless. So is their skin, mine and anyone else who has tattoos, but we are trying to raise and answer a hypothetical question here, so relax and read on.