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Fuck This Guy: Joshua Grant

Joshua Grant, 36, will be spending three years in the clink after he plead guilty to two counts of placing a tattoo on a person under 18 as well as unlawful sexual contact after tattooing two 14-year-old girls out of his hotel room. Fuck this guy.

Nothing gets our blood boiling here at more than reading about people using their tattoo guns to make a complete ass of themselves, and by association every other tattoo enthusiast, by committing the crime of tattooing minors. It’s morons like this guy that allow people to argue that tattooing is an unsavory and immoral activity.

After meeting the girls online Grant picked them up in his big rig and took them back to his hotel room where he gave each of them a tattoo, according to the Portland Press HeraldGrant tattooed one of the girls on the buttocks and the other on her inner thigh; tattooing minors in those locations not only makes Grant an enormous creep but it also allowed the judge to require Grant to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

It should come as very little surprise that a man who thought it was OK to give a 14-year-old a tattoo on her inner thigh was also tattooing without a license — a crime in Maine. This story goes to show that no good ever comes from jumping into a stranger’s big rig. Seriously, fuck this guy.