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Game of Thrones Actress Gets Covered in Tattoos for Feature Film


Who Knew Sansa Stark Would Look Amazing in Ink?

What do Guy Pearce, Rooney Mara, and Ryan Gosling have in common? They've all sported tattoos for movie roles. Because of the limitations that Hollywood creates for actors, many in the entertainment business refrain from getting tattooed in order to obtain more roles. However, in many circumstances, film stars pile on the fake ink in order to portray a fictional character. The latest actor to get inked for a feature film is none other than Sophie Turner, who is best known for portraying Sansa Stark in 'Game of Thrones' as well as Jean Grey in the X-Men series. She's bringing fans a new and exciting side of her for her 2018 film Josie, playing a rough and wild teenager from the deep South. Take a look at her transformation from fragile Sansa to an inked up rebel in the gallery below. Then if you're planning to see Josie in theaters, let us know in the comments section on Facebook.


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