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Even if you feel like you have been tattooed from head to toe, you are always going to find a little spot with some bare skin poking out. Don't just accept this fact, my friend, fill that gap!

Gap filler tattoos prove that it's not the size of the tattoo that matters but the creativity behind it. A lot of really cool tattoos can fit into the tiniest of spaces. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Here are some of our favorite gap filler tattoos:


This fantastic little tattoo was done by Dmitry Vision on Freshly Inked contributor and tattoo collector Yallzee.


This Anzac tribute filler was inked by Adam Miller.


This creative little skin ripping pencil was the brainchild of Daniel Hofer. 


Most people would think there wasn't even room for a tattoo, but in reality there was room for an entire ship!


Well, non-tattooed skin that is.


This tiny little fly was done by the legendary Lyle Tuttle.


This Earthworm Jim tattoo by Alan Ross has inspired me to dig out the old SNES from my mom's attic. Such a good game, such a great gap filler tattoo.


A gorgeous little skull tattooed by Alicia Rafferty.


Full size snowspeeders had a hard enough time bringing down the Imperial Walkers, what's this little guy gonna do?


This little Hannya was inked by James Tex.


It's really interesting to see when a gap filler, like this Guy Fawkes mask, is so much newer than the work all around it.


Sometimes the gaps that need to be filled are strangely shaped, so a scorpion like this one is able to get the job done.


Damn right he did.


Given the 13 on the skull we're guessing that this was done on a Friday the 13th special, which is the perfect time to get little gap fillers.


A burning match is a popular gap filler design.


Andy Wharton tattooed this fuzzy little bee. Don't be afraid, he can't sting.


This Fred "Flintstoned" cracked me up. One of the cool things about gap fillers is how funny most of them are…


...Not to mention how weird they can get. I don't understand this goofy little tattoo but I love it nonetheless.