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Where to Get Your Friday the 13th Tattoos

It's Friday the 13th and that can only mean one thing.... No. We're not talking about Jason stalking around and carving up the teenagers of Camp Crystal Lake. We're talking about cheap tattoos! It's a tradition for tattooists to spend the day doling out little tattoos for the low price of $13. It's also customary for the recipient to throw in a $7 tip and voila! You have just gotten a cool little tattoo for $20.

While many people still consider the day to be an unlucky one, tattooists, as they often do, flip the bird to conventional thought and think of the day as a holiday. To celebrate, artists will draw up special flash sheets for the day with each potential tattoo having the number 13 within the design.

Not all shops do the Friday the 13th thing, and you certainly shouldn't expect to get an enormous tattoo for a mere 13 bucks. Just a fun little tattoo that will give you yet another story to share with friends. We've created a list of some of the tattoo shops that will be honoring the Friday the 13th tradition today. If you don't see your local shop on the list (and you likely won't since there are so many tattoo shops) give them a call and ask if they are doing the deals.

Go out and get tattooed!

New York
New York Hardcore Tattoos (We really love the Misfits popsicles)
Asylum Tattoo
Magic Cobra Tattoo

Los Angeles
Evermore Tattoo Co.
Alchemy Tattoo

Royal Flesh Tattoo
Tattoo Candy

Formula Ink
Hellcat Tattoo

San Francisco
Lefty’s Tattoo
Moth and Dagger

The rest of the country
Iron Age Tattoo, St. Louis
Philadelphia Eddie’s Chinatown Tattoo, Philadelphia
Downtown Tattoo, New Orleans
Artful Dodger Tattoos and Comics, Seattle
Iron Tiger Tattoo, Columbia, Mo.
Skeleton Key Tattoo, Portland
Las Vegas Tattoo Studio, Las Vegas
Little Pricks Tattoo Studio, Austin
Lucky 13 Tattoo, Lakewood, Co.
Minor Ink Tattoo, San Antonio

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Grease, Gas and Glory" Tee by Lucky 13