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'Get Naked Australia' Instagram Page Bares It All


There's an interesting Instagram account that's been garnering a massive following for their willingness to bare it all (well, mostly all) for their followers—ass, side boob, you name it.

The Instagram page Get Naked Australia set out to promote healthy body image, and encourages its followers to shed their threads and love the skin they're in. Oh, and they post their fans' bare naked pics to spread their message, too.

Get Naked Australia was created by 26-year-old health professional, Brendan Jones, who was surprised when a photo he posted of himself butt-naked received a ton of positive feedback, according to the Daily Mail.

Since no one thought it was weird, Jones decided to take things a step further.

"My friends and I then started to get some cool group shots, including one with the harbor bridge and Opera House in the background, and I thought it would be cool to start a page for all our photos," Jones told Illawarra Mercury.

And so, Get Naked Australia was born, which now features not only Jones and his friends, but also, people from all over Australia and across the globe who are submit their photos to the email provided on the page's bio section with hopes that their naked pic gets posted for the entire Instaverse to see.

 (Photo: Get Naked Australia/Instagram)

(Photo: Get Naked Australia/Instagram)

Let's make one thing crystal clear about Get Naked Australia's photos, though: these aren't some sleazy, DM-stalker-type of nude pictures. The photos featured on the cheeky IG page show the subjects posing in front of beautifully picturesque landscapes, including beaches, canyons, waterfalls, mountains, forests, glimmering skylines, volcanos, and there are even pics of folks underwater and skydiving. Due to Instagram's policy on nude photography, the participants pose strategically, only showing their derrières and covering up their other risqué body parts with either their hands, hair, flags, Christmas decorations, and we think we saw someone hugging their dog to cover themselves up in one shot.

"In a world of such body shaming, I believe that being naked in nature is a way for people to overcome their image problems. Once someone experiences being naked in nature, it does wonders for their confidence and we have had many testimonials of people expressing that," stated Jones.

Start up the gallery below to check out some of the photos that have helped amass over 90,000 followers for Get Naked Australia's IG page.

(Photo: GetNakedAustralia/Instagram)