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Get Ready to See the Scary Side of Lady Gaga

The very tattooed Lady Gaga announced today that she is in fact joining the American Horror Story team for Season 5! We love the idea of adding a pop star to television, but this isn’t any old singer, this is Gaga. The extremist took to Twitter,"Make your reservation now. #GagaAHSHotel," to reveal the new and address the question that all AHS fans lose sleep over: what is Season 5’s theme? Well, you can thank the stellar performer because she revealed that, too, American Horror Story: Hotel. Nothing is scarier than a vacant, cold, middle-of-nowhere (think Lady Gaga’s You & I video) hotel with creaky hallways and flickering light bulbs. Of course, that is if they opt for the haunted hotel theme. You can blame Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho for completely ruining the idea of hotels as a safe haven. It's no surprise that AHS would take a page out of the master's book for their next chilling season.

We can only imagine the weird (and amazing) performances Gaga will bring to set. The artist seems to be full of surprises since her engagement to Taylor Kinney. First, her performance at the Oscars in which she honored The Sound of Music so beautifully—which may have reinvented her career by proving to the world what an amazing and powerful voice she has. Now, she has joined the FX family and the brilliant minds behind American Horror Story. Gaga, AHS and FX are a team that will surely produce stunning television. Paws up, Gaga, October cannot come soon enough.

Make your reservation now. #GagaAHSHotel

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) February 25, 2015

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