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Get Tattooed. Fight Cancer

If you love tattoos, hate cancer and are around London, do we have early holiday present for you. The talented and generous Terry 'Kaiju' Brown is raising money to battle cancer through his tattoo lottery. Terry, take it away:

Right you guys, pay attention: I am giving a way a tattoo worth £800 to raise money for this great cause. There will be 5 pre-drawn designs to choose from, BUT you can also use the money against a design idea of your own or even ongoing work if you're an existing client. All you need to do to be in with a chance to win it is make a donation of £25. Your donation will buy you a lottery ticket, your name will go into a hat and a name will be picked out at random, it's that simple! I will be announcing the lucky winner at our shop Christmas party on Saturday 17th December and we will be streaming the draw Live on Facebook. There will also be a chance to win a £100 gift voucher and a £50 gift voucher, so do your bit to help out and get an awesome tattoo while you're at it!!

Following are the five designs. It is for a good cause, from a good man. What's £25? (To our American audience it's actually $31.64).

If you don't reside around London—such a magical place around Christmas—we implore you to support your local tattoo artists and charities. If you are a tattoo artist, steal this idea from Kaiju.