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Get to Know Blonde and Buxom Babe, Natasha Thomsen

This Gorgeous Girl From Denmark Takes Our Breath Away

The Danes are known for many things—ruthless Vikings, the play Mac Beth, author Hans Christian Anderson, and some of the happiest people on Earth. And why is it that the people of Denmark are so happy? Sure, they have a fantastic economy, universal healthcare, and a superb education system, however, they also have beautiful women like Natasha Thomsen. Thomsen is a Danish model and tattoo collector who boasts 3.4 million, yes million, followers on Instagram. With a fan base whose size is over half of her countries total population, this Danish darling is on the rise and she has recently become a featured model on Is My Girl. Check out this beautiful lass in the gallery below and if you find yourself craving more, check out her page on Is My Girl.

Photo via Instagram