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Get To Know Instagram's Favorite Tattooed Pole Dancer


Squeak Machine Brings Artistry, Technique, and Fitness to the Pole

Social media, specifically Instagram, has had an incredibly powerful impact on countless industry—especially the tattoo world. Being able to see artists' work from across the country or around the world has amplified the quality of work tenfold as well as setting the standard for art in the industry. Another community that has been drastically impacted and improved by Instagram is the pole industry. Before social media became the norm, pole dancers had to use online forums or go to competitions to view the sport. However, today, Instagram has helped thousands of enthusiasts in the pole community to finesse their craft. One pole dancer who was able to experience the technological transition and has watched pole grow into a global powerhouse is Squeak Machine. This tattooed, dreadlock rockin' instructor is one of the top pole influencers on Instagram and in her field. Take a look at her perspective on the pole world and check out some of her sick moves.

squeak feat

"I started pole back in 2001," Squeak stated. "I was in college and I worked at a little go-go bar in Philadelphia. The pole there was short and hard to do tricks on, but I was determined to figure it out."

"Social media, Instagram in particular, has made pole videos and inages so plentiful that it's hard to say who inspires me most," shares Squeak. "Back in the day, inspiration used to come from the performance videos of pole champions."

"When I first started pole, the community outside of exotic dance was quite small," Squeak says. "In those days, a Superman or Extended Butterfly were considered some of the hardest moves."

"Looking back I can't believe how far pole has come," Squeak exclaims. "The pole stars from back in the early 2000s would have a harder time competing today, that's for sure!"