Get your Vagina High Without Lighting Up


This Lube Swears It Will Get Your Vagina High and We're Down For It

If you're under the impression that the marijuana business is a man's world—think again. Sure, Cheech, Chong, Seth Rogan, James Franco, Snoop, and Willie Nelson may have dominated the game in the past, but ladies are slowly taking over the game. From a larger representation of female stoners in the media, with shows like Broad City and Mary + Jane taking over our televisions, to women like Meg Sanders of Mindful, women are dominating cannabis culture these days. This means that it is about damn time that the cannabis products designed exclusively for ladies start hitting the market. It's no secret that

It's no secret that women have unique physical and sexual needs, which can be treated and heightened with cannabis. And FORIA, a sexual health, and wellness company based out of California have the solution for women who would like to build a more intimate relationship with cannabis.

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