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Getting Sweaty with Isabel

Going to the gym to work off the many pounds obtained over a winter of near-hibernation can be a hell of a drag. Just about the only thing that makes the experience palatable is when you are working out with a beautiful, tattooed personal trainer like today's Inked Girl of the Day. The adventurous Isabel Leyva hails from Germany where she can be found riding her motorcycle in the few hours of the day that she isn't getting sweaty in the gym. Isabel is half Cuban and probably isn't too keen on the snow and slush of the German winters but any time she looks down at her ink she can be reminded of a warmer place.

"Almost every tattoo that I have carries a Maori [style]," Isabel explains. "I love Maori art. The symbols are very spiritual and represent a certain meaning. In my case, [they represent] the paths I had to take in the past. Everything I am today I had to fight for as nothing in life is handed to you."

As you go through the alluring Isabel's photo gallery you can get a glimpse of all of her impressive work including her Maori style sleeve. The largest tattoo that Isabel has is a back piece that is still in progress. The tattoo features a snake and a flower. Much like the Maori art Isabel sports this tattoo also carries a lot of meaning for her.

"The flower under the snake for example is called a mariposa," Isabel says. "It’s the national flower of women in cuba and therefore representing my partly cuban descent."

You can see all of the smoking hot Isabel's photos at her Inked Girl profile page here. If you think that you have what it takes to be our next Inked Girl of the Day you can submit your portfolio here. 

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