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Gin Wigmore Unveils New Single and Tattoo Project

This New Zealand Songstress is Stepping Out With a Multimedia Artistic Collaboration

Gin Wigmore is a New Zealand based musician that first arrived on the scene in 2009. She topped international charts with an appearance on the single "Brother" by Smashproof, and then went on to release three studio albums of her own. Her soulful lyrics and raspy vocal style have caused comparison between herself and artists such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Janis Joplin—leaving listeners feeling hung up with nostalgia. In addition to being a chart-topping songstress, she's also been featured in Inked Magazine and landed a cover of our Austalia/ New Zealand affiliate.

Today, she's back in action with the release of her single "Hallow Fate" and an exciting collaborative art project up her tattooed sleeves. She's teamed up with artists from around the globe for a project that combines multimedia artistry with themes of female empowerment and partnership. She calls this her #girlgang and here is the first look at her exciting new venture.

Photo via Island Records

Photo via Island Records

Photo via Island Records

Watch the Video!

Video via Island Records

Check Out the Video to See How the First Tattoo Went Down!

Her first track is available for download on Google Play, Amazon Music, and iTunes, as well as for play on Spotify, Apple Music, and Rhapsody.