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Girl Cuts Off Tattoo and Sends it to her Cheating Boyfriend!

Cut Right Out of Her Life!

Getting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed on your body is a very romantic gesture, and despite the constant advice from friends and your mom, people still make that leap of faith. I know, I did! Many believe that no matter whatever happens in the future, you should never regret getting a loved ones name on you. They say life is about living in the moment and if that's how you felt at that moment, well, then do it.

Torz Reynolds took the plunge and got “Chopper’s Bitch” tattooed on her forearm to show her undying and eternal love for her boyfriend. Well, he went and did something really shitty and the rest is history! Watch the video and see just what happened!


Photo via youtube

Eeeek! The Video!