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Girl Has Strong Reaction to Getting Tattooed

Many tattoo media outlets, including this one, misconstrued this viral video often described as “Girl Moans As She Gets Her Lady Parts Tattooed.” We’re sorry, very sorry, and embarrassed but hardly as embarrassed as the girl in the video. We spoke to Danelle Hanna to get the real story on what transpires over this video, and it is more moving than any catchy headline anyone could put on this video.

Any inked person knows that people get tattoos for various reasons: whether they like the art, they're itching for a new piece or they want it to represent something significant. For Danelle Hanna, the tattoo across her lower stomach is a special piece that holds a heartwarming story.

The mother of three was in failing health, her heart having expanded to twice its size, and was at a San Antonio tattoo convention trying to enjoy herself and the time she still had when she met Rooster. Danelle opened up to him about her medical issues and Rooster related to her, having heart problems of his own.

He offered to give Danelle her dream tattoo; a whopping scar and tattoo cover up on her stomach and lower pelvic area. Understandably, she wanted something "dark and angry" to symbolize the hard times she was enduring.

But Rooster went beyond the confines of a tattoo artist's job, and after finishing the piece he offered her free touch ups and gave her "a list of vitamins and foods" that he said would be beneficial to her condition. His act of kindness helped prompt Danelle to start meditating, exercising, eating and drinking healthily.

Call it what you will, a medical miracle or the power of positivity, but Danelle slowly recovered and continues to embrace her life. And lucky for all of us, that life-changing tattoo was caught on video and can be viewed below!