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Give a Hoot, Save an Owl

If you ever take a visit to Lakewood, Colorado you have to visit Fallen Owl Tattoo. This amazing tattoo studio is not only home to some fabulous artists, but also has an incredible drive to give back to their community. Adam Rose, the owner of Fallen Owl, has been running various fundraisers and benefits out of his studio for the last several years, including his annual and highly successful Tattoos for Toys event. This year, however, Fallen Owl decided to host a brand new benefit that really took flight. The Save A Fallen Owl Benefit offered $25 owl tattoos based off of a flash sheet the crew at Fallen Owl had designed. All of the proceeds from the event were donated to Nature’s Educators to help preserve and protect the raptors and various other creatures in the area. The event had clients lined up down the block, which kept the team tattooing all day long. When clients weren’t under the needle they had a chance to check out some of the beautiful owls of the area that inspired the ink they now wear on their skin. Check out the images and video below to learn more about this incredible event and the amazing creatures that inspired it.

For more Fallen Owl Tattoo charity events check out their Tattoos for Toys going on now. The event trades toys for tots for a tattoo gift certificate and is going on through the rest of November. Look for details in the gallery below.