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Give A Hoot For This Tattoo

Today's tattoo of the day is this beautiful owl by Ondrash. Ondrash, whose real name is Ondřej Konupčík, is a tattoo artist based in the Czech Republic and known for his diverse and artsy style.

Ondrash's tattoos focus on a more abstract and loosely defined design aesthetic. Featuring sketch-like imagery and watercolor techniques, Ondrash makes some of the most original tattoo designs out there. Take a look at today's pick, for example. This cool owl tattoo is a very creative spin on the standard owl chest piece. There are no definitive outlines and the detailing is more implied than actually placed within the piece. The feathers are the perfect display of this implied detailing as they are not feathered in the way that they are tattooed, but the washed nature of the watercolor style makes them look like light and delicate feathers.

Another amazing aspect of this tattoo is the unique color scheme used. The more real-to-life browns and reds in the owl contrast wonderfully with the pinks and blues added throughout the rest of the piece. Putting these more dramatic colors in the center of the owl and then having them slowly fade to more natural colors in the tail and wing span also lets the focal point become the owl's face and draws the viewer directly in. By using a sketch-like style, too, the dramatic shift in colors blends very well with the overall piece as they layer over one another.

For more incredible pieces by Ondrash, make sure to check out his artist's page right here.

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