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A Good Girl Gone Bad

Paige Jane, today's Inked Girl of the Day, serves as exhibit #4252 that there are few things enhance a woman's beauty more than short skirts, fishnet stockings and tattoos. Is schoolgirl gone bad look a little bit cliche? Sure. But that doesn't mean that it isn't an incredibly sexy look. It's a lot like American Traditional tattoos—once you find something that looks great why alter it just to be different?

As you browse through this gallery of Paige's fetching pictures you'll find that the bad girl look will still get your motor running. In addition to the corrupted schoolgirl look, Paige proves throughout her photo set that she can make just about any outfit sexy. As Paige sits on an oversized boom box wearing ripped jeans you can almost hear the sounds of Motley Crue or Def Leppard coming out of it.

"Most of my tattoos are neo-traditional," Paige says. "I don't have a favorite [tattoo]. I love all my tattoos equally because they all have meaning."

Currently Paige has tattoos on her forearms, chest, ankles and the back of her neck. She is also working on finishing up a sleeve on her right arm and hopes to cover her entire body by the time she is done getting tattoos. We look forward to seeing many more photo sets of Paige and all of her tattoos once she gets them done.

You can check out Paige's Inked Girls profile and all of the pictures it contains by clicking on this link. If you think that you have what it takes to be our next Inked Girl of the Day you can submit your own portfolio here. 

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