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#GoVote with Luke Wessman

Luke W #GoVote

Earlier this year Jay-Z, tattoo artist Luke Wessman and HeadCount teamed up to bring you the Get Out the Vote campaign during the On the Run Tour in an effort to encourage more people to vote. As Election Day (Tuesday, November 4) approaches HeadCount is back to help promote casting ballots to the nation’s younger voters. The organization has gathered over 300 entertainers to help encourage the many Millennials around the States to get up and go vote. This Election Day each of these famous faces–including Stephen Colbert, Dave Matthews, Fergie, T.I., Jason Mraz and a host of others–are set to post photos of themselves holding a sign that reads #GoVote on their various social media platforms. Among the artists chosen to design the campaign signs was Freshly Inked cover artist, Luke Wessman. This campaign is set to be one of the biggest social media-based campaigns in support of voting on Election Day and is estimated to reach about 350 million people just through the followers of these celebrities' online outlets alone. Check out the gallery below to see some of the participating celebs rockin’ Luke Wessman’s design to help make sure that tomorrow you #GoVote. For more information about voting and this campaign head over to: and