Graphic Suspension Video and Pics! Can You Handle It?


You Will Be Hooked!

What was once an art form that only had performances in the most underground and obscure venues has now busted out into the mainstream… at least in the tattoo culture mainstream! However, despite its growing popularity many people, including myself, still find it very difficult to watch. It is an extreme art form and is not for the faint of heart.

Anyone who has ever witnessed a performance of professional suspension knows that these performers push their minds and bodies to the limit, and in a direction that few other performer, except maybe certain other sideshow performers do.

Okay, enough with the “scary stuff”, time for the “sexy stuff”!

The talented filmmakers at Tusko Films have created a short film that focuses on two talented and beautiful female suspension artists – Sofia Von Doom and Victoria Lemeow. They captured compelling moments of their act in VIVID and GRAPHIC detail! They have also given us access to exclusive, insane behind the scenes footage, plus in depth interview access with each of these intense young women.


Photo via Tusko Films

Warning: The Video That Shows it All!

Photo via Tusko Films

Get ready to see that video that holds back nothing!