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Grieving Daughter Will Eat Her Dead Mom for Xmas Dinner!


She has been eating her mother’s ashes for months now!

Losing a loved one is not only traumatic, but also surreal and we all go through the grieving process in different ways. Some decide to completely deny that their loved one’s passing or the person ever existed while other grasp on to every physical, mental and spiritual aspect of the deceased that they can latch on to.
We are not here to suggest that anyone’s method is better or more or less sane than anyone else’s. Recently we have seen the practice of having the embalmed corpse not just lying in the coffin, but rather sitting at a table surrounded by her favorite items and “participating” in the funeral services.
A woman in Kent, England has taken a bit of a different direction to show her undying love (no pun intended).

 Photo via the sun