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Half-Blind Artist Dedicates Time to Tattoo Breast Cancer Survivors

Álvaro Quesada Uses Ink to Help Cancer Survivors Heal

After surviving breast cancer by way of a mastectomy, women are definitely relieved for having survived the seemingly never-ending battle, yet they are also left with the option of going through numerous follow up reconstruction surgeries or living out the rest of their lives with the marks of the darkest period in their lives. A third option that has been increasing in popularity in recent years is applying tattoos over the area, helping women heal and move forward with their lives.

Recently, the University Hospital of Torrejón in Spain procured the assistance of Madrid-based tattoo artist, Álvaro Quesada, to provide their patients with that third option. Quesada has come onboard to lend his expertise in tattooing, offering breast cancer survivors a chance at getting a realistic tattoo of the nipples and areolae that they lost during their triumphant battles.

Quesada is quite possibly the best candidate to do this work being that he can relate to the patients on a deeper level since he himself has battled with tumors throughout his life—a battle which caused him to permanently lose his vision from one eye, and which the artist will continue to fight tomorrow (April 28) as he undergoes surgery to remove a large tumor from behind his eye.

Tattoo artist, Alvaro Quesada. Photo: Courtesy of Alvaro Quesada.

Tattoo artist, Álvaro Quesada. Photo: Courtesy of Álvaro Quesada.

A Passionate Artist

Tattoo by Álvaro Quesada.

With a passion for creating and drawing as far back as he could remember, Álvaro Quesada picked up a tattoo machine five years ago. “The idea of transferring that creativity to the skin and that this lasts forever, it seemed incredible to me,” the artist told Inked of his decision to tattoo.

Work as Sweet as Sugar

Tattoo by Álvaro Quesada.

Almost immediately after venturing into tattooing, Quesada opened up his shop, Sugar Tattoo, located in Madrid, where he and his artists, Kronos, Panda and Posilio, create beautiful body art designs for their clientele.

The Right Man for the Job

Tattoo by Álvaro Quesada.

Word of the work Quesada was creating made its way to the doctors of the University Hospital of Torrejón via a family member, and Quesada was invited to offer his services and expertise in a post-mastectomy tattoo treatment that the hospital was looking to offer its patients as an alternative to having to endure more surgical procedures to reconstruct their nipples and areolae.

An Inspirational Artist

“I think we have to hold on to everything good around us,” Quesada advises folks out there who may be going through their own struggles for survival, listing his family, his three children, his wife and his friends as the good things in his life. “I feel the responsibility to remain strong, and I believe life gives strong tests to strong people. Perhaps this world has wanted me to keep an eye so that I can continue helping other people, who knows?”

Sending lots of love and good vibes to Álvaro!