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Handbags That Will Easily Hold Your Entire Life

Handbags are one of the many illusions women front on a daily basis. On the outside, a gal's purse may look all glam and dandy. Unzip that bag and you'll find a bottomless pit filled with anything a girl could need to survive the struggles of life.

There is simply no way around accumulating the many items buried deep inside of a purse. However, everything is hoarded for a reason, except maybe the Dunkin' Donuts receipts and the bank slips warning that an account balance is much too low. Seriously, there will come a day when you need the tube of fake blood that has taken residency since Halloween 2014.

Because it is acceptable to hoard countless items in your handbag, we encourage you to at least do it in style. For every occasion and items of all sizes, we've selected only the best handbags for you to add to your list this holiday season.