Happy 23rd Birthday Cara Delevingne!


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The supermodel, actress, and Leo turns 23 today, August 12.

Cara Delevingne is quite an accomplished, tattooed lady considering she's spent so little time on this earth. This birthday, we're turning the other cheek to her fashion wins and good looks. Instead, we're celebrating the two things the outspoken woman shares on her social media accounts and elsewhere: her wit and will to motivate. We've rounded up 24 (got to have one for good luck) of Delevingne's most inspirational 'grams as well as her funniest candids so they're all in one place for your viewing ease. No doubt Ms. Cara is eating plenty of cake tonight… and bacon. Make a good wish, birthday girl!

See the great Bang Bang inking up Delevingne for the Met Gala below. All 18 of her real tattoos can be found here.