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We're Celebrating Festivus With Seinfeld Tattoos

It was July 5, 1989 when America was first graced by the genius sitcom that is Seinfeld. It was almost ten years later, on December 18, 1997, that Seinfeld aired "The Strike" in which the greeting "Happy Festivus" went viral—if "viral" existed back in the 1990s, that is.

In the episode George Costanza's father becomes fed up with the commercialization of the holidays so he creates his own--Festivus. Celebrated on December 23, the holiday tosses aside feelings of warmth and tree covered with "distracting" tinsel for an airing of grievances and a cold aluminum pole. Watch the full story of Festivus in the video below.

It comes as no surprise to us that there are a handful of super fans that went so far as to get tattoos inspired by the legendary TV show. Check out tattoo portraits of the characters and some of the most famous scenes from Seinfeld in the gallery below.