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Harry Styles Got A Very American Tattoo

Girls! Listen up! Your favorite One Directioner got a new tattoo and kissed an old one goodbye. Harry Styles, already a heavily tattooed heartthrob, got America's great national bird, the Bald Eagle, tattooed on his right forearm. The giant eagle covers up his "things I can" tattoo.

Styles was in Anguilla when a shot of his new ink first surfaced on December 29, 2015. In January of 2014, Styles covered up his "things I can't" tattoo on his left forearm with a book—but not just any book. The 21-year-old covered up the ink with the best selling and most widely distributed book of all time, the Holy Bible. It is safe to say that the pop star has officially figured out what it is that he can and can't do. He certainly chose very bold symbols to replace the former tattoos.

While on leave from his outrageously famous boy band, Styles has reportedly been recording new music of his own. Sorry devoted Directioners, his solo career is bound to begin at some point. Dare we say the new eagle tattoo is a symbol of his newfound independence? Perhaps we're being too analytical.

According to E! News, Styles "has registered four new songs with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers." He has titled the songs, "Already Home," "Coco," "Endlessly," and "5378 Miles." Of course, the world has yet to learn when it is that Mr. Styles will serenade our ears with his solo music. We can only imagine the mass amounts of excitement filling the hearts of preteens (and others) as they dream of the release date.

Our final question for Styles: Who's the artist?

Harry with fans in Anguilla last night 12/29. He covered up his "things i can" tattoo with an eagle

— 1D Swiss Update (@1D_Swiss_Team) December 30, 2015


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