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Harry Styles Has a new Thigh Tattoo

Heads up, the Internet could break soon. Harry Styles has a new tattoo. And this time it’s not on his arms or torso—body parts fans are already more than familiar with. This one is on his thigh. While hanging out with the one-fourth of 1D this weekend, comedian and former E! Network late night talk show host Chelsea Handler posted an Instagram that revealed the new tattoo.


Obviously Twitter went crazy with everything from speculation of what the ink could be (so far the popular guess is a whale) to demands that Harry relinquish any right to privacy and show us his ink! The excitement is everywhere.

Harry's big reveal could come soon since he has never been shy about his art. This is the guy who unzipped his pants on stage at a concert in Brazil to show off the small “Brasil” tattoo on his groin.

While many on Twitter have declared that there will be no work done until Styles releases a picture of the tattoo due to their understandable inability to focus on ANYTHING else, I suggest that you try to do as much as possible as quickly as possible. Who knows what could happen once the pop star caves and gives his fans what they want.

For those who aren’t One Direction fans, the picture is still worth checking out as it also, and more prominently, features Handler’s ass in blue bikini bottoms with the Harry’s name on them. How is that not trending?

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