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Has Hollywood Taken Over the Tattoo World?

Guess Which Celebrity is Shaking Up the Industry

In 2018, there are more tattooed people in Hollywood than ever before. From actors like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to musicians like Justin Bieber—celebrities are embracing the inked lifestyle. Not only are our favorite stars going under the needle, they are increasingly becoming involved in the industry at large. Tattoo artists are encouraging their fans by the millions to educate themselves about tattooing and to invest their money, time, and skin into quality ink. One inkfluencer is taking things a step further by introducing the world to his own after care product. And while you may already have an idea of which star we're referring to, let's keep you guessing a little longer. Hint, he's British, an icon of athletics, and married to one posh lady. Take a look at the gallery below to learn which celeb is investing in ink and then let us know in the comments section on Facebook if you will be buying their premiere product.