Have You Heard of the Vampire Breast Lift? (VIDEO)


What Would You Do in the Name of Beauty?

For several centuries, vampires and vampire culture have had a strong impact on folklore and popular culture. Long before Twilight sunk its teeth into audiences worldwide, vampires were seducing terrifying mortals from the medieval cities of Europe to the savannahs of Africa. And although they've been portrayed in different ways throughout history, one thing remains the same, they remain immortal by feeding off of human blood. Yet were they on to something? Is blood the secret to eternal youth? This is a question that has been on everyone's mind for decades and a group of plastic surgeons may have the answer that everyone has been searching for. Take a look at the controversial and coveted new procedure known as the Vampire Breast Lift—a revolutionary process that claims to take years off of the appearance of your breasts.

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