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Hazel-E Covers Her Katt Williams Tattoo with Rose Burgundy Ink

This Tattoo Regret is No Longer

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E had her “Katt Williams” tattoo covered up last week, and she did it in the most hilarious way possible, and on the controversial comedian’s birthday, no less. Hazel-E’s coverup job features a collection of three dewy rosebuds inked in black and gray on her bikini line, replacing a black script tattoo that read simply “Katt Williams.” There is obviously no love lost between Katt Williams and Hazel-E, whose relationship was volatile, to say the least, and Hazel-E had the coverup tattoo done by an LA- and Houston-based tattoo artist named Ren, who also has some beef with Williams.

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