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He Has 82 Julia Roberts Tattoos. And They All Suck!

The Pretty Woman…Not So Pretty Tattoos!

There are countless tattoo collectors out there with portraits of their favorite celebrities inked onto their skin. Some even have more than one portrait as an homage to the celebrity’s multiple personas. Well, Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic has taken that concept to entirely new level. Unfortunately, his eye for beauty doesn’t focus past Julia on screen. Out of the 82 tattoos that adorn Bukovic’s body, we can’t find one that isn’t, well, slightly better than absolutely terrible and he will be the first to admit it, “Well, the first 82 were crap…”
Well the folks over at the Mirror  report on a conversation between Bukovic, who is a newspaper seller and some of his customers and we have put together some of those exchanges.
So, if you’re ready to take a tour across a gross body adorned with scores of gross tattoos, hit the START SLIDESHOW button!


Photo via the Mirror