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Head Turning Skull Carvings by Aureus Arts

Bone carving as been an ancient art form since the paleolithic era, when our ancient ancestors would carve intricate patterns into the bones of animals to be made into jewelry, clothing, battle gear, or cherished decorations. In its early years, bone carving was done by chiseling the bone using stone tools and could take years to work out the intricate details that we see displayed in museums around the world. Although bone carving isn't just an art form for cavemen and the bone artists at Aureus Arts show how they have put their own spin on the cultural craft.

The creator of Aureus Arts, Jonathan Simeonides, came across the idea for his business while traveling through Indonesia when he became heavily inspired by the Balinese artisan carvers and artists and was able to get in touch with some of these carving masters. After immersing himself in the ways of these artists, Simeonides was never the same again and decided that it was his duty "to introduce and share these amazing talents and skills, while showcasing the perfection and beauty of their work. With the world."

Simeonides and his team at Aureus Arts began to create intricate bone art that was influenced by the artwork found in Indonesia, creating an artistic blend of classic South-Western American ideals with the vibrant and exotic culture of South-East Asia.

Aureus Arts works on an honors system of only selecting 100% natural and 100% recycled cruelty-free animal skulls that give a new life to the animals who have passed on their own accord. They use modern tools to penetrate bone matter like never before, creating lace-like pattern work that is sure to stand out against a blank backdrop. While cow and steer skulls may be a popular choice for collectors, Aureus Arts manufactures custom skulls made from buffalo, bighorn sheep, horse, wild boar, and also wooden and carved polyester human skulls.