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Helix Tattoos: The Ink Game's Latest Fashion Trend

Don’t Only Pierce Your Ear, Tattoo It, Too!

New tattoo trends drop every other week, each bringing with it ingenuity and allure. The latest is known as the helix tattoo. The idea behind the new tattoo style, which originates from Seoul, is basically tattooing a tiny design that fits perfectly on the upper outer curved edge of a person's ear (also known as the helix, hence the style’s name). Recently, the chic tattoo idea has been taking off, spawning numerous posts on social media pages with hordes of people showing off their fashionably inked ears.

Helix tattoo done by Kyle Berg. Photo: Instagram.

Helix tattoo done by Kyle Berg. Photo: Instagram.

Delicately Inked

Korean tattoo artist, Zihee, has been creating helix tattoos for a while now, but it seems to have taken a bit for the trend to cross international borders, as the surge in posts has just recently risen according to Metro, and, as is mostly always the case when a hot new stylish trend hits social media, folks are now flooding their local tattoo shops asking to get similar designs like the dainty, tiny floral tattoos that Zihee has inked on her clients' ears.

Prime Location

Taking the behind-the-ear tattoo idea to the next level, the artists who do these tattoos – also referred to as “cartilage tattoos” on some posts – are somehow managing to fit beautifully executed designs on the tiny space allotted.

If Flowers Aren't Your Thing, Then...

Floral pieces aren’t the only type of helix tattoos that are making the rounds on social media, though. Some folks have opted for simpler designs, like a few lines around the edge of the ear, as well as black and dot work.

This One Will Give You The Feels

One genius person went as far as tattooing paws across her ear! We gotta admit this was our favorite one of all.

There Are Even Helix Cover Ups!

But, as with any other trend, some people regret their first attempts at a helix tattoo and opt to cover it up, as shown in the video above. Iskotew Gladu did a cool job covering up his client’s tattoo with a cool dot work design.

Hot or Nah?

We wonder how long it’ll be before we see one of our favorite celebs rockin’ a helix tattoo. We all know how much they love these sorts of tiny tats. What do you think of helix tattoos – hot or nah?