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Helloooooo Kitty! Ireland Baldwin Strips Down

Ireland Baldwin left little to the imagination in her recent Instagram photos. The 19-year-old posted five super hot shots of her posing for Tyler Kandel, showing off her under boob ink and incredible abs. Her Hello Kitty tattoo was also on full display but, let’s be honest, our eyes were drawn elsewhere. The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger dropped her lacey panties and unhooked her bra for the lucky photographer, her only prop being a stool. She captioned, “Thank you @thekandelstudio for all these goodies.” No Ireland, thank you! The photos show the beautiful blonde with seemingly no make up, and we love it.

It appears that the model houses most of her ink on her left arm. An arrow is tattooed down the back of her bicep and “We can be heroes” is written just above a cat mask on her wrist, neighboring a bra and a flower.

Miss Baldwin is also a fan of tweeting about tattoos, “If it were legal to tattoo 13-year-olds, I would have had ‘I ain’t a killa but don’t push me’ tatted across my back.” Clearly, the famous daughter was quite a tough tween. She also wants a “little ice cream cone with tentacles coming out of it,” on her ribs.

The self-titled “Beatrix Kiddo” was hospitalized over the weekend with appendicitis and shared a less revealing photo in a wheelchair, thanking her followers for their concern. Here’s to a quickie recovery, Ireland. Thanks for sexing up the social media world this week!