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Henna Heals

There is something very special about the henna crowns that you are going to see in the gallery below. No, it's not the artistry involved in creating them, although the artistry is clearly exceptional. It's the story behind the pieces that makes them extraordinary—each henna crown was given to a woman in the midst of chemotherapy.

Henna Heals, a nonprofit group based in Toronto, is working to raise awareness for henna crowns. The crowns are a temporary, safe, all-natural, and beautiful piece of art that people experiencing hair loss can flaunt. One of the most important things a person must do when fighting cancer is to maintain a positive attitude, this can often be difficult when feeling self-conscious about the side effects of chemotherapy. Regaining confidence through one of these pieces of art does wonders for the person's psyche.

Since 2010 the group has been working to not only promote the idea of henna crowns—many people who might be interested in getting once may not even know that such a thing exists—but also to put people in touch with artists in their local area who could help them out. What started out as a core of 5 artists has now expanded to over 300 worldwide.

Find out more about Henna Heals and find an artist within your area through their website at this link. If you want to see other ways that body art has been able to help people heal you'll want to read this article and check out this list of mastectomy tattoos.