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Henna Tattoos

Certainly you've come in contact with an individual decorated in elaborate henna designs over the years; maybe you've even stared, just as strangers to the tattoo community often stare at our ink. Although henna tattoos are only temporary, they are no less detailed or meaningful as the permanent art on our bodies. Henna tattoos are said to have originated some 5,000 years ago and are traditions in Indian, Moroccan, and Pakistani cultures. In such traditions, the brides (and sometimes guests) dye their hands and feet with beautiful illustrations. Word on the street is the longer the dye remains on the bride’s skin, the longer her get-out-of-housework-free card lasts.

The work is designed using a pigment known as Mehndi, a paste that stains the skin after the pattern dries and sets. Even beyond the wedding traditions, henna tattoos have grown popular around the rest of the world, and we have a feeling you'll love browsing this list of body art.

P.S. Henna tattoos are not a bad option if you're looking to test drive that tattoo you've been yearning for of late.