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Here’s a Sneak Peek of Kat Von D’s New Shoe Line

Kat Von D's Latest Project

In 2018, tattoo artists are so much more than just designers on human canvases, they're expected to be moguls and entrepreneurs as well. Over the past several years, we've noticed big-name artists take their career and their platform in the industry to the next level by adding an entirely new dimension of design and artistry. For example, Kat Von D is not just a world-renowned tattoo artist, she's also the creator of one of the largest makeup brands in the game. Von D has set the gold standard for tattooers being more than just ink slingers and she's soon to become an even bigger brand with the release of an exciting upcoming project. Take a look at the gallery below for an exclusive sneak peek on Von D Shoes and let us know in the comments section on Facebook if you stan the tattoo titan.

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