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High Contrast Tattoos

Combining colors in tattoos can be tricky, too many darks and your tattoo will look like a blotch too many not-so-carefully selected colors and it can look like a colorful blotch. Either way if you want a statement piece that radiates off the skin you are going to want to check out these tattoos that run the spectrum of colors. Many amateur tattooers are scared of color but with a deft, practiced hand tattoos that pack in color really pack a punch.

Much of the imagery in tattoo art (specifically Traditional American) is drab and colorless subjects, but we wonder if that is because in early tattooing there were so few color inks and then not the knowledge to build the tattoos correctly or if we just all gravitate toward pictures of skulls and other dark arts...

Either way these tattoos from the Hulk to geometrics to a pregnant lady will surely impress with their array of colors.